Human Rights & Public Liberties

Human Rights & Public Liberties

Published on: 13 Jan, 2021

Behind The Walls

lawyer Hammouri to be deported to France

Hammouri has been imprisoned several times previously by Israel, including a seven-year sentence between 2005 and 2011, and 13 months in administrative detention in 2017.

Published on: 4 December, 2022

‘Hotel Rwanda’ & Paul Rusesabagina’s trial

Rusesabagina, a businessman whose role in saving more than 1,000 lives during the 1994 genocide inspired the film Hotel Rwanda, was sentenced to 25 years ..

Published on: 6 April, 2022

Sami Alhaj Guantánamo Memoir/3/

“Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.”

Published on: 17 January, 2021

Sami Alhaj Guantánamo Memoir/2/

My hunger strike coincided with the first week of January 2007.

Published on: 13 January, 2021

Sami Alhaj Guantánamo Memoir/1/

They robbed me of my best days, my best weeks, the best months, and years of my life without any sense of guilt. But I ..

Published on: 11 January, 2021

Still a Black Hole: Guantánamo Bay 19 years on Still a Black Hole: Guantánamo Bay 19 years on/ Clive Stafford Smith

The prison comes with a long history, and it has always been about avoiding the rule of law. If you walk into the UK parliament ..

Published on: 11 January, 2021

The Experience of Facing Imminent Execution by Shakib Wali / Orlando Hall (scheduled for execution November 19)

Orlando Hall found his way to redemption through his Islamic faith. He wrote an OpEd on why he became a Muslim and what this says ..

Published on: 12 November, 2020