Human Rights & Public Liberties

Human Rights & Public Liberties

Published on: 13 Jan, 2021

Kurdistan approves bill to create court to try ISIS

Published on: 29 April, 2021
Kurdish women [Reuters]

Kurdish women [Reuters]

The cabinet of the government of Kurdistan has approved a bill to create a new court to try a wide array of offenses committed on behalf of ISIS.

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan, Masrour Barzani, issued a statement on Wednesday explaining the cabinet’s approval of the bill.

The bill refers specifically to genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

‘Once voted on and passed into law, this legislation will create the necessary legal framework to prosecute ISIS terrorists for their crimes against our peoples and humanity at large, through a national court in Erbil,’ Barzani said.

Barzani urged the Parliament to see the new bill as a priority and to not lose any time passing it. He stated that Kurdistan will continue to work with the UNITAD mission to share information.

UNITAD is the investigative team established to investigate crimes committed by ISIL.

He described the establishment of a new court as ‘a pathway towards accountability, closure and above all, justice.’