Human Rights & Public Liberties

Human Rights & Public Liberties

Published on: 13 Jan, 2021


Guantanamo prison survivor Sami al-Hajj shares his story

Al Jazeera journalist faced torture and interrogations while being held without any charges at the US-run prison camp.

Published on: 6 May, 2018

My life in crisis: Diary of a Venezuelan journalist

How Venezuela's economic crisis has turned basic tasks like food shopping and commuting into feats of endurance.

Published on: 7 May, 2018

Pakistani convicts teach inmates their legal rights

In an experimental approach, convicts lead a legal awareness programme in overcrowded Pakistani jails.

Published on: 23 May, 2018

Manus Island’s refugee babies: Q&A with Father Clement Taulam

Children fathered by refugees on Manus Island could be marginalised by patrilineal clan structures, says Father Taulam.

Published on: 27 May, 2018

Azerbaijan’s displaced eye return to Armenian-controlled lands

Decades after Nagorno-Karabakh war, more than a million Azerbaijanis live as refugees and internally displaced persons.

Published on: 29 May, 2018

As Assam counts its citizens, Muslims fear they may be left out

More than 7 million people, including 2.9 million married women, asked to prove citizenship as part of massive exercise.

Published on: 5 June, 2018

Where’s the aid money gone? Afghan girls’ struggle for education

Despite billions of dollars being poured into girls' education in Afghanistan, conditions at schools remain rudimentary.

Published on: 11 June, 2018

From Cameroon to US-Mexico border: ‘We saw corpses along the way’

Kombo Yannick is one of the many African asylum seekers who are braving the longer Latin America route to the US.

Published on: 24 June, 2018

India, DRC, US among most dangerous countries for women: poll

Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria also top list in Thomson Reuters Foundation survey.

Published on: 26 June, 2018

‘Egyptian society being crushed’ five years after military coup

Egypt faces abuses to a degree unseen in the Mubarak years since the 2013 coup, analysts say.

Published on: 3 July, 2018

Large number of journalists join elections fray in Iraq

Observers fear that the lines between independent journalism and politics in Iraq are becoming increasingly blurred.

Published on: 21 May, 2018

Being African in India: ‘We are seen as demons’

Zaharaddeen Muhammed, a master's degree student from Nigeria living in India, speaks at the Africa-India Solidarity Forum in New Delhi ew Delhi/Greater Noida, India - After ..

Published on: 2 October, 2018