Meet Indonesia's trash vigilante

Mr Sariban is 74 years old, retired, and totally obsessed.

Bosnia 1992: The Omarska Camp

Survivors tell chilling stories of their incarceration at the start of the Bosnian War.

How to deal with Kibera's 'flying t...

Streets in the Nairobi slum are littered with human waste, prompting locals to develop innovative...

Teaching Pakistan's Poor how to Read

For the past three decades Pakistani firefighter Mohammed Ayub has been quietly working in his...

Kenya's slum DJ shows us around Kibera

Abdullah 'Dallas' Mussa walks us through the trials and tribulations of life as a slum journalist.

A Right to Exist

Words by Maya Gebeily Photos by Felipe Jacome In the damp, dimly lit cement room she now calls home, Dina sits cross-...

Passage to Europe

With temperatures dropping, the journey for those caught between borders is becoming even more difficult.

Refugees still arriving in Calais with high hopes

Despite a strong police response, hardship and possible death, migrants hope to cross the Channel.


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