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Aljazeera staff demand Mahmoud Hussein’s release

Al Jazeera’s Public Liberties and Human Rights Centre organized a stand on the occasion of the Arab Day for Human Rights on Thursday March 16, demanding the immediate release of our journalist Mahmoud Hussein who has been in solitary confinement prison for more than 80 days under harsh imprisonment conditions in Egypt.

Dr Mostefa Souag, Aljazeera Media Network acting Director General, called upon the Arab human rights societies and the organisations that defend and protect freedom of expression to unify their efforts to boost the values of justice and freedom of press in the Arab region, which has become one of the most dangerous areas in the world for journalists.

Souag has condemned the continuation of Hussein’s arrest and his solitary confinement. He expressed Al Jazeera’s solidarity with Hussein and all the journalists subjected to harassment and aggression.

An Egyptian court extended on the 5th of February 2017 Hussein’s imprisonment for 45 days.

He was arrested on the 23rd of December 2016, and his imprisonment was extended four times pending investigations. The Egyptian authorities claimed that Hussein was spreading false news and receiving payments from a foreign country to discredit Egypt.

Hussein suffers humiliating conditions in disciplinary a solitary confinement prison, deprived of his rights as a prisoner - a situation that lacks the most basic rights guaranteed by the law for detainees and contrary to fair proceedings.

Al Jazeera has denied all accusations against Hussein and condemned the smear campaign launched by the Egyptian authorities through its local media against Al Jazeera and Hussein.

Al Jazeera asserts that these violations contradict the international laws, customs and practices which ensure freedom of the press and expression

Al Jazeera called upon human rights and media organisations to protest against Hussein’s arrest and continue to pressure the Egyptian authorities and their representatives in the world to release him and end his suffering.

Al Jazeera Media Network confirms its full commitment to the organisation’s Professional and Honorary Charter to objectively convey news and events in Egypt and worldwide.

It also denounces the arrest of any journalist, or harassing and threatening them. It demands issuing a global Charter that ensures the protection and safety of journalists.

Freedom of the press and expression is a core value of democracy as “Journalism is not a crime.”