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Aljazeera Media Network and the Ethical Journalism Network Launched a Project Enhancing the Role of Media in Combating Hate Speech and Respecting Freedom of Expression

Aljazeera Centre for Public Liberties and Human Rights organised a specialised workshop on media, freedom of expression, hate speech and violence. The workshop was to provide a professional press coverage and a better understanding of human rights, in cooperation with the Ethical Journalism Network.

The objective of the workshop was to promote and enhance the knowledge of Aljazeera journalists with respect to the ethical principles and standards derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Humanitarian Law, and good humanitarian values and practices.

The workshop’s objective was not only to enhance the knowledge of journalists related to respecting and integrating the above mentioned principles in their coverage on Aljazeera channels and digital platforms, but to improve and consolidate the influence of the humanitarian content in the media message of Aljazeera.

The workshop was attended by 45 female and male reporters of Aljazeera Media Network, Digital Platforms, guest reporters from UNESCO Cluster Office for the GCC and Yemen, Doha Centre for Media Freedom, and the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (Media Department).

Sami Alhajj, Director of Aljazeera Centre for Public Liberties and Human Rights, said that five similar workshops would be organised by the end of this year, in co-operation with the Planning Department of Aljazeera Media Network to serve about 100 journalists in the different Aljazeera channels, bureaus and Digital Platforms.


Signing a Memorandum of Understanding:

The opening session of the workshop witnessed the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) between Aljazeera Media Network and the Ethical Journalism Network.

The MoU strengthened a prior mutual agreement, which focused on the importance of joining efforts to improve knowledge and skills correlated to ethical journalism’s values. Such values will sustain press freedom, combat incitement to hatred, and battle intolerance and violence.

The signed Memorandum of Understanding is to promote good governance via an ethical and sustainable press message.

Mr. Khaled Johar, Executive Director of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, said, “This MoU enables Aljazeera to keep its distinguished effect on its media coverage enriched and provided by Aljazeera Centre for Public Liberties and Human Rights”.

Mr. Aidan White, the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Ethical Journalism Network, said, “This partnership would contribute in circulating the common message of both parties with the aim of deepening knowledge and awareness of Aljazeera audience around the world”.

Dr. Hassan Elmogummer, Head of the Partnership Dept. added, “This MoU deals with strategic frameworks that will benefit the journalists of Aljazeera through preparation and publication of guide studies and manuals which will help Aljazeera Media Network journalists to professionally address ethical issues as well as challenges in news reporting”.