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Al Jazeera hosts safety training for staff

The course is one of several held throughout the year to prepare staff for areas of conflict.

Al Jazeera's Public Liberties and Human Rights Center concluded a security training course for staff last Wednesday.

The course, held from April 23rd to May 2nd, was offered to 22 of Al Jazeera's journalists, correspondents, presenters and camerapersons. It consisted of lessons on safety and security in hostile environments, and practical training in first aid, communication, and information security.

The lectures and training were provided by experts from the British "cadre", and was supervised by the centre.

The course is one of several workshops and events hosted by PLHR each year to promote human rights and media freedom.

The centre also hosts safety and security courses throughout the year, and regularly produces human rights content for web and television platforms.

It helped draft the International Declaration on the Protection of Journalists in 2016 and continues to lobby for its global implementation.