About Us


About us


Public liberties and human rights center has been established in 1st November 1998. The department would be a media pioneer in consolidating human rights, public liberties and their values via Aljazeera Media Network. It seeks to disseminate respect for human rights by tracking, documenting and spreading awareness in the Arab region in particular and the world at large. This will be based on Al Jazeera Media Network vision and its professional code of ethics.



Areas of interest for Public Liberties and Human Rights department:

1-            Integrate the concepts and terminology of human rights and public liberties in all programs and activities of al Jazeera network media.

2-            Training al Jazeera`s members in the field of human rights and international humanitarian law.

3-            Defend al Jazeera journalists and support the Victims of violations of press freedom around the world.

4-            Spread the human rights culture among the audience of al Jazeera.



Frequently asked questions:


Is there a difference between liberties and rights?


Yes, the formidable similarities between liberties and rights make it difficult to separate these two concepts, but the main difference between them lies in the fact that liberty is a license to a person whether used or not. On the other hand, right is a legitimate interest protected by law. While violating liberties could lead to condemnations at most, breaching rights is a prohibited act by law that results in a material penalty. 


*What is the difference between international law of human rights and humanitarian international law?


The international law of human rights is a set of rules that protect human rights in all situations, whether it is peace or conflict period. While the humanitarian international law is specifically intended to protect human rights and properties during an armed conflict.  


*What are the sources of international law of human rights and humanitarian international law?


Both laws derive their rules from a series of international conventions, which is promoted and complemented by customary international law.


*What are the national and international ways that protect human rights?

National courts come first as a cardinal way to protect human rights. The international community has been aware of the case that the state itself is violating human rights; as a result, international conventions were put in order to establish national and international criminal courts. After the treaty of Rome 1998, an international criminal court was established in order to trial the Perpetrators of international crimes.