Kenya's slum DJ shows us around Kibera

Abdullah 'Dallas' Mussa walks us through the trials and tribulations of life as a slum journalist.

Back to school in Kenya's biggest slum

Adults who grew up illiterate are getting a second chance to read and write in Nairobi's Kibera slum

"What will be in your heart? Won't...

Karim Khan is suing the CIA for the deaths of his son and brother in a drone strike.

"Every beardy man is not a terrorist...

Rafiullah Hanif was born an Afghan refugee in Pakistan. With tensions rising in his host country,...

Bringing hope to Syria's orphans

'We want to rebuild the personalities they've lost, and the identity that was taken away from them.'

Palestinian learns to make recycled art in prison

A young Palestinian pays his way through university selling recycled art he learned to make while in an Israeli prison.

Rohingya: Chased from Myanmar, unwelcome in Bangladesh

'I grabbed my children and ran towards the forest, and waited there with several hundred people.'

Refugees stranded on Serbia-Hungary border amid winter

More than 6,400 refugees and migrants are stuck in Serbia due to European Union's closed borders.


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